The End of the Road


No matter how much cleaning gets done, carpet inevitably has to be replaced. On average, carpets last 5-15 years depending on the quality, padding and usage. If your carpet are showing any of these signs, then it might be time for a new one.

  • Most carpets come with a stain resistant finish but overtime, the treatment wears away and eventually leaves the carpet vulnerable. If spilled on and left untreated, the stains settle to the bottom making it harder or even impossible to remove. DIY stain removal tips found online may end up damaging your carpet further so might as well spend some money and hire a professional.
  • Wear and tear is bound to happen on carpets especially in high traffic areas. When it starts to look matted and have visible tears it could mean your carpet is on it’s deathbed.
  • Owning a pet can be messy and smelly at times. With that in mind, the smell should disappear after a thorough clean up. If it doesn’t the it could mean that the odor has penetrated deep into the carpet fibers, the pad and maybe even the sub floor. This could pose the possibility of mold and mildew growth as well.
  • Padding is just as important as the carpet itself, without it the carpet is just a layer of fabric. Padding serves as a foundation and is the reason the carpet is comfortable to walk on. Signs of old padding included unevenness, wrinkles and a crumbling sound when steppedĀ on.
  • Not only can old carpet be smelly, ugly and uncomfortable, it can also get you sick. Older carpets catch and retain more allergens. If you notice yourself sneezing more than usual or any other allergic reactions, it may just be from your carpet.

We’ve already established that carpet doesn’t last forever, even with the utmost care carpets can only last a maximum of 15 years. If you’re getting it cleaned over and over again and still not get the results you had hoped for, it’s time to buy a new carpet.

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