Tips for Flooring Midsummer

Cookouts, beach days, road trips. Summer is meant to be spent outdoors. This doesn’t mean you should neglect your floors, especially if you have hardwood. Heat and humidity take quite the toll on your floors. Here are some time tested midsummer flooring tips to keep your hardwood cool all season long.

Place doors mats outside your doors.

Spending more time outdoors can mean more mud, water and dirt being tracked all over your hardwood flooring. Grit and dirt affect your floors just like how sand paper would, scratching the finish. Placing door mats at every entry can eliminate this problem,, just make sure to remind your family members!

Check the tips of your furniture

Felt tips are lifesavers when it comes to hardwood flooring. Summer is the best time to make sure that they are still in good condition. If they are damaged, they need to be replaced.

Vacuum the floors ( yes, even the hardwood)

Sweeping might come into mind when talking about cleaning your hardwood flooring, but did you know that vacuuming is actually the best option? Sweeping can scrape pebbles and dirt across the surface of your beloved floor and end up making unattractive grooves, scratches and scruffs.

Utilize your blind and curtains

Direct sunlight affects hardwood just as bad as it does carpet. It can lead to fading and discoloration. Many homeowners such as yourself invest quite a bit of cash on exquisite hardwoods, only to have their blinds open all summer long and end up with faded floors. One more advantage of closing your blinds is the money you’ll save from your AC bill.

Whatever Flooring needs you may have, Morency Flooring has what you need and more. Whether you prefer Engineered woods or sold hardwood, we have the materials and skills to help you attain your vision of a perfect floor. Morency has over seventy years of experience in the field and has been helping families all across South Eastern Massachusetts since then. Make an appointment or call us today at 508-994-3111.

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