Plush Carpet, Pros & Cons?

Comfortable, appealing and extravagant, those are just a few of the qualities plush carpets have. This particular style usually comes in vibrant solid colors and has a smooth even pile height. The tufts are sheared to make the pile perfectly flat during manufacturing which makes plush some of the more attractive and popular carpets in the market. Just like with any major purchase, it’s smart it weigh your options.


Durable: Plush carpet is one of the more durable forms of carpet available. It’s manufactured for not only comfort, but also heavy foot traffic making it perfect for living rooms and bedrooms.

Versatile: Plush carpets come in a variety of colors. They can cover a wide range of decorative themes and styles. This, combined with comfort, makes it one of the most popular choices in the market.

Aesthetic: The versatility and soft texture of plush carpets lend a visual appeal that will beautifully compliment any decor style you’re trying to achieve in your space.


Shows Indentation: Plush carpet is easily indented by furniture due to the light fiber pile. Regular upkeep with a vacuum will also leave indentations, however they’re quickly swept away with foot traffic.

Risk of Watermarking:  Plush carpet has a higher risk of watermarking than other forms of carpet. Watermarking is the result of permanent pile reversal in localized areas. These areas tend to have irregular shapes and appear in darker more shaded areas: making it look like the carpet is wet.

Plush carpet is a great choice for any home. But with any material for your renovation, you have to ask yourself if its the right choice for your home. With these facts that we’ve shown you, we hope you can decide if it’s the right one for your home.

Here at Morency, we want to make sure you’re happy from your first step in your showroom to your first step on your new floor. Setup by and we’ll be happy to work with you to figure out what’s best for your lifestyle.

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